Business Information and Research

What We Serve You

  • Business Partner Search

    We have conducted a company survey in Indonesia since 2012, and have data on many companies, which is very useful information when searching for a partner. It can be used as necessary competitor information, supplier company information, sales approach, etc. for expansion business in Indonesia. The information on the recording standard is English business name, representative, location, telephone number, email address person in charge, homepage, listing category, founding, capital, business description.

  • Credit Report

    Our Credit Report is a survey conducted to investigate your counterpart. It is also effective for avoiding problems caused by a deferred payment and sudden bankruptcy from your counterpart because they do not provide enough information about the legality of their company.

  • Market and Regulation Data Provide

    In order to grow your business you have to understand your customers. We can provide you with the latest information about your target market and its regulation related to your business activities in Indonesia.

  • Representative Office Agency Service

    We can provide you a service as your representative in Indonesia so you do not have to open your representative office here. We can represent your activities here. This service is useful to reduce costs when you’re developing your business in Indonesia.