Boiler and Part Sales and Maintenance (SAMSON Boiler)


We are an authorized agent appointed by Samson Boilers for the sale and installation of Once through Steam Boilers under the Samson brand.

We also sell supporting products for boilers such as in water treatment. And we also provide boiler maintenance and repair services.

Gas Fueled Boiler

Easy to operate, safe to use, saving energy. The newest model of high efficiency gas fueled boiler.

Fuel: GAS(LNG / LPG)

EB(ECO Boy) Series

  • Model EB-160S,250N,350N,500N
  • Model EB-250PN,350PN,500PN
  • Equivalent Evaporation 160 ~ 500kg/h

RBO (Refine Booster) Series

  • Model RBO-750GN ,1000GN,1500GN,2000GN
  • Model RBO-750PGN , 1000PGN,1500PGN,2000PGN
  • Equivalent Evaporation 750・1000・1500・2000kg/h

RBO (Refine Booster) Series

  • Model SE-2000APG/SE-2500APG/SE-3000APG
  • Model SE-2000APG (1.57MPa/1.96MPa)/SE-2500APG(1.57MPa/1.96MPa)
  • Equivalent Evaporation 2000・2500・3000 kg/h
  • Max. operation pressure 0.98 MPa、1.57 MPa、1.96 MPa


  • Highly efficient economical type boiler: more than 90%.

  • High steam dryness : more than 99.5%

  • Standard equipment, "invertor" reduces electricity consumption.

  • Easy operation by simple control panel.

  • Durable round shape boiler body structure.

  • Low Nox burner : less than 40ppm.

*Condition: O2=0% value, 13A actual measure, room temp. 30℃, humidity 65%.
Nox value changes by fuel condition, room temp.,humidity.

Oil Fueled Boiler

Round shape tank is durable for long boiler life.Check out our new models of our best-selling oil boiler, now available at an affordable price!

Fuel: Oil(Kerosene/ Heavy Oil A)

TU(Turbo) Series

  • Model TU-100R,200R,300R,500R
  • Equivalent Evaporation 100 ~ 500kg/h

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SSB Series

  • Model SSB-2000APL/2500APL/SSB-2000AL
  • SSB-2000APL(1.57MPa/1.96MPa)/SSB-2500APL(1.57MPa/1.96MPa)/SSB-2000AL(1.57MPa/1.96MPa)
  • Equivalent Evaporation 2000・2500kg/h
  • Max. operation pressure 0.98 MPa、1.57 MPa、1.96 MPa

RBO (Refine Booster) Series

  • Model RBO-750LN,1000LN,1500LN,2000LN
  • Model RBO-750PLN,1000PLN,1500PLN,2000PLN
  • Equivalent Evaporation 750 ~ 2500kg/h


Super saving energy system achieved by...

  • High boiler efficiency.

  • 99.5% high dryness of steam.

  • Invertor controlled blower motor.

  • 3-position combustion control (TU/RBO).

  • l "Multi-position control (MPC)" and "high turndown ratio" (1: 4) synergistic effect provides energy saving and CO2 reduction. (SSB).

Easy operation by clear condition notice.High performance efficiency saves your money, Surpressed less than 40ppm NOx saves our environment.

Water Treatment Equipment

Proper water treatment is essential for boilers.Even if a boiler has high performance, you cannot operate it efficiently without daily maintenance and inspection.

The newest high efficiency boiler wouldn’t be able to perform without using the right water treatment equipment and undergoing routine inspection and maintenance.