ICT Service

IT Consultant & System Engineering Service

      AUN provides IT advisory services to Japanese companies in Indonesia to prepare the IT environment and support the success of efficiency and automation.

      In addition, we are supported by experienced Japanese people with more than 10 years of experience in Indonesia.

      AUN Propose:

      *  IT audit

      Evaluate the current IT environment in three categories: "IT business management," "security," and "risk management."

      Grasp the current situation with a maximum of 100 points.

      In addition, there is advice from experts on the issues that can be seen from each check item.It is possible to standardize the IT environment and compare it with other companies.

      * Investigation of wasteful work

      Business organization support. Identify and organize the work of each department.

      You can see the necessity of work and optimization.

      After that, support the flow to standardization, efficiency and systemization of work.

       * Education for IT departments

      Guidance on project management methods and asset management methods.

      In addition, based on IT audits, we provide guidance on the shortfalls centered on "IT business management," "security," and "risk management."

      *Dispatching IT Personnel as IT Support.

      Considering that there is an increasing need for IT technology within companies, but the high cost of directly recruiting IT staff is an obstacle, therefore we provide solutions at reasonable prices to directly support companies in the IT field.