Legal Supporting Services

What We Serve You

In terms of Legal Supporting Service, we are the best in the field...

  • Company Establishment

    Our service arrange for the establishment of an Indonesian company, arrangements for the establishment of overseas affiliates, expatriate offices etc, registration application procedure, application to BKPM. The establishment practice of corporation in Indonesia takes more time and expense than Japan. Our company has both staff specialized in both Japan and Indonesia and we will support your company's entry into Indonesia with prompt and detailed follow-up.

  • Visa / Work Permits

    Work and/or reside in Indonesia legally, without immigration problems. Package includes:

    RPTKA & TA01 – Foreign Worker Placement Plan & Work Permit Approval from Manpower Dept. Working Visa & Work Permit – KITAS, IMTA, Foreign Workers Report. Multiple Exit Re-entry Permits. Other Permits – POA, SKPPS, STMD, STM, Police Report, etc. "Skills & Development Fund" levy (Compulsory USD1200 payable to the Dept. of Manpower).

  • Other Licenses

    In Indonesia, in addition to the license of the establishment of the company is also in need of special permission to several areas of industry. In addition to certain products to be sold in Indonesia requires a separate permit for example food products. We can help you to acquire the permission.