Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Supporting Service

      SSW or Tokuteigino is a scheme for accepting foreign workers in Japan which was set on 8 December 2018 by the Japanese Government to make it easier for foreigners who already have certain skills to work in Japan.

      Based on the MoU between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Japan, to receive workers from Indonesia, the company registers in the Online Recruitment System which is managed by the Government of Indonesia (IPKOL) and conducts the Recruitment process directly.

      For more details, please download the file (JPG/English Language ).

      AUN as a consulting company help companies to facilitate recruitment activities by providing the following services:

      1. IPKOL Registration

        The language barrier is an obstacle for Japanese companies in registering on the IPKOL system, therefore we represent companies that can help register in the IPKOL system.

      1. IPKOL Website Controlling

        Candidates who have entered the system mostly use Indonesian, therefore we can help sort out CVs or potential candidates who have submitted their applications to the IPKOL.

      1. Provide Online Interview service

        We, using familiar tools, both companies and candidates can provide Online Interview services.

      1. Assist in the preparation of Visa document submission

        We provide consulting services to prepare departure documents for candidates who have graduated from completing documents to submitting Visas at the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia.

        So you don't have to worry about collecting candidate files in Indonesia, because we will do well!