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      Bizbridge( Business Matching Platform for B2B )

      “A platform that connects Business to Business. Welcoming inquires and provides all the information that will boost your business to expand and thrive in Indonesia.”

      1. Provides information related to existing companies in Indonesia
        1. We have gathered up to 7000 companies and will be up to 10.000 companies by the end of this year.
        2. The information in the website will be updated (every 6 months)
        3. Companies are categorized into three: manufacture, trade and others (services, construction, etc.)
      2. Information about exhibitions in Indonesia
      3. Information about Seminars & Workshops in Indonesia
      4. Distributing latest topics and news in Indonesia (provided in English and Japanese language)
      5. Business Matching Board: Interactive board to directly connect and promote product, service, project, etc. Through this feature, you can do business matching directly and receive responses from reliable sources. (This is an interactive board to directly connect and promote your own product, service, project, etc. This amazing feature allows you to directly seek your matching company and receive responses. )

      More detail  bizbridge.id