ICT Service

Warehouse management system (Indonesian agency of AIOI System)

      AUN is the official agent of AIOI Co., Ltd that provides solutions in the field of warehouse management, especially to facilitate and reduce human errors in the picking process in the warehouse.

      Here are some of the products we offer.

      • Pick to Light Systems (PTL)

      Pick to light system (PTL) is a support system by using Light module. Plant and distribution center operators simply walk to the locations of illuminated modules and pick the displayed number of products.

      These systems allow anyone to pick easily, quickly, and accurately.

      • Visible RFID Smart Cards

      Cards embedded with e-paper IDs. These cards help improve distribution and manufacturing workplaces by improving work efficiency and cutting the cost of creating and disposing of written lists, instructions, and handwritten work histories.

      Some of our portfolios in Indonesia are in the warehouse of one of the retail companies and multinational logistics companies in Indonesia.

      AIOI is No. 1 global share in digital picking system!!