Recruitment Services


Supporting you to find the right match

  • Potential Candidates

    Introducing Potential Candidates :

    Analysis & Preparation

    We will listen thoroughly beforehand in order to seek the best match the company's needs from the person in charge in your company. /We will have a thorough hearing to understand what kind of skill, experience and character your company is seeking, and prepare the best matching candidates for you to choose from.

    Follow up system after starting to work

    Once the candidate starts working, we will provide support with the aim of achieving both the employee and the employer’s mutual satisfaction.

  • HR Search & Consulting

    HR Search is our Executive Search and Headhunting Consultant service, we will find candidates specifically tailored to your detailed conditions from your company.Our hands-on services start from interviewing the candidates ourselves to filter and have a much more selective and potentially lead to candidates which your company is seeking.

  • Specified Skilled Worker Hiring

    We are ready and fully dedicated to support Japanese companies seeking for specified skilled workers in Indonesia. We are there to support you from collecting candidate information, filtering for high potential workers, interviewing, deciding, till the day of the placement of the worker in Japan. Our group company in Japan is ready to support you as well.