ICT Service by AUN

If you can use ICT well, what you can do?

Cost down

80% of manual office work like copy & paste and making report can be automatic.

You can reduce cost like labor costs and office equipment costs by using system.

Sales increase

You can organize your data and all tasks can be automated by the system.

You can maximize productivity of your staff and realize a big increase in profits.

Service Plan of AUN

  1. Warehouse management system (Indonesian agency of AIOI System)
    • No. 1 global share in digital picking system
    • The factory guides the workers instead of the instructions sheets
    • Prevention of IZAI, speeding up, improvement of productivity
  2. ICT equipment sales
    • PC, server and network equipments
    • Providing general ICT infrastructure equipment for offices.
    • Most computers are imported here and have high tariffs.
    • Therefore, the price is high and the delivery time is late (few months).
    • AUN has a network with its own local partners, which enables us to respond with shorter delivery times than others, which is appreciated by many Japanese companies.
  3. Website (homepage) creation
    • A corporate website that is indispensable for sales activities.
    • Your customers can look up and check your company introduction, product / service introduction, etc., and you can save your time.
  4. Animation video creation
    • By showing the audio and image of the video for external sales and in-house education, the understanding level will be deeper than the material with only photos and words.
  5. Web Service and Application Service development
    • Developing a web system or smartphone application according to your idea.
    • Since it is scratch development, it can be designed freely.
    • Depending on your idea, you can create a money machine.
  6. IT consultant
    • Is your office work efficient?
    • Is the shared folder created and operated by rules, and is the data organized neatly?
    • Is your IT security safe enough?
    • Most companies use personal computers only instead of paper and pens.
    • We guidance on how to use computers efficiently.
    • We will educate IT personnel and continue to help you improve your IT skills.